Are Women Better Beer Tasters?

Are women better at tasting beer than men? This question has been hotly debated since the early 1900s.

Are Women Better Beer Tasters

When researchers began studying the differences between male and female taste buds.

The debate continues today, with some studies showing that women are better at identifying bitter flavors, and others showing no difference.

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to man. In ancient times, brewers would add spices or herbs to their brews to give them flavor.

Today, beer makers rely on hops, barley, yeast, and water to create tasty drinks.

So if you want to know the answer to this question, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to look at the rumor that women are better beer tasters than men, in detail. 

Why Are Women Considered To Be Better Tasters? 

The first thing to note about the gender differences in beer tasting is that they are not absolute. Some people claim that women are better at detecting bitterness.

However, it seems like there is a consensus among most experts that women are better at perceiving different flavors.

This may be because women’s tongues tend to be more sensitive to bitter tastes than men’s.

It is also possible that women have an easier time distinguishing between different types of bitterness, such as sweet and sour.

However, this doesn’t exactly tell us why women are considered to be better tasters.

Well, a study from Yale University showed that women have a more sensitive taste palate compared to men.

In fact, this study discovered that women have more tastes buds on their tongues compared to men.

There is speculation that the reason women are more likely to have a better sense of taste compared to men, is due to the fact that evolution has required women to be able to taste better.

The theory is that women needed to have better taste in order to protect their offspring both during pregnancy and after childbirth. 

So, it seems the science backs this rumor that women are better beer tasters compared to men.


Another reason why women might be better at beer tasting is that they have supertaster genes.

Supertasters are individuals who can detect certain chemicals in food and drink much faster than other people.  

It turns out that these individuals are also better at identifying the bitterness in beer. There have been multiple studies that show women are more likely to be supertasters than men are.

This goes back to the idea of women having more taste buds on their tongues than men. 

Whilst men can be supertasters, it seems to be more common for women to be supertasters. With this in mind, it would explain why women are considered to be better beer tasters than men. 

Not only are women about to distinguish flavors from each other, but they are also able to describe them better.

So when it comes to tasting beer, these are the traits that are important for brewing companies. 

The Signs Of Being A Supertaster

The Signs Of Being A Supertaster

If you are wondering whether you are a supertaster or not, well there are some signs that you can look out for. 

  • Supertasters are often picky eaters.
  • Supertasters may use more salt than others as it helps with bitter tastes. 
  • Supertasters try to cover up bitter flavors with other flavors and foods. 
  • Some supertasters might avoid drinking alcohol, especially anything bitter. 

Pros To Being A Supertaster

There are some significant pros to being a supertaster, which we are going to walk you through. 

Supertasters are more likely to weigh less compared to people who are not supertasters. This is because supertasters often avoid foods that are high in sugars and fat.

Foods that are high in these, tend to have too strong of a flavor for supertasters. 

Another great thing about being a supertaster is that they are less likely to drink alcohol excessively or develop the habit of smoking.

This is due to the fact that alcoholic drinks and smoking have a bitter taste, which is something that supertasters tend to avoid. 

Cons To Being A Supertaster

Almost everything in life has its cons, and being a supertaster is no exception. 

Supertasters are less likely to have a diet with a wide range of vegetables. This is due to the fact that a lot of vegetables have an underlying bitterness to them which supertasters can detect. 

As mentioned earlier, supertasters often use a lot of salt. This can lead to problems such as heart disease. 

The Impact Of Women Being Better Beer Tasters

So now that we know there is a truth behind this rumor, what impact has it had? Well, since men make up the majority of beer drinkers.

You might think that this information doesn’t change anything. Yet, some brewing companies have started to hire more female tasters. 

An example of this was the brewing company SABMiller. This company started to hire more women taste-testers due to the fact that women are able to pick up on the subtle flavors within their beer.

This seems to be a big step for women in the beer brewing industry, especially since this industry is largely targeted at a male audience. 

Final Thoughts

So, according to science, women are better beer tasters compared to men. Unfortunately for men, it seems that practice does not make perfect.

All jokes aside, women are not only considered to be better beer tasters but they are better tasters overall. This is simply due to the fact that they have more taste buds. 

With all this in mind, to be a great taster you need to have the experience of tasting many different flavors.

Without the knowledge of these flavors prior to test-tasting, you may be able to distinguish flavors but not identify them. 

We hope this article has answered all the questions you had regarding women being better beer tasters compared to men.

Please share this article with others who may benefit from having this knowledge. Thank you for reading! 

Andrew Carr