Beer Prices At NFL Stadiums

One of America’s favorite pastimes is watching sports, especially American football, either on TV or in person. There’s nothing like gathering your friends and cheering on your team.

Beer Prices At NFL Stadiums

However, refreshments are a key part to enjoying it, especially if you’re watching the game at the stadium itself. 

But what if the beer there is too expensive? Their snacks can be costly enough, but a cold beverage can empty your wallet too, and risk ruining the experience of the game itself.

It’s nice to know in advance just how much you’re likely to spend on drinks. 

That’s why we’ve done the work for you! Below is the information on beer prices at a range of NFL stadiums.

So that you can know what you’re likely to spend if you’re going to watch a certain game at any of these professional venues. 

Beer Prices At NFL Stadiums

Ford Field Stadium – Detroit Lions

If you’re heading to a game at the Ford Field stadium in downtown Detroit, a beer is likely to cost you a clean $5.

It’s one of the cheapest in all the league, and you can enjoy it while settling down to watch the Lions play at their home venue. 

MetLife Stadium – New York Jets

You might expect refreshments to cost a lot so close to the Big Apple, but this New Jersey stadium has a surprisingly inexpensive beer on tap.

At just $5, it equals Ford Field, and used to be double that in the past. Quite a saving!

Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Atlanta Falcons

Also in the same ballpark (though this is American football, not baseball) is the price you’re likely to get if you go to see the Atlanta Falcons play at their home spot.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Just $5 and you can be enjoying a cold one in their sleek, red and gray stadium. 

Paul Brown Stadium – Cincinnati Bengals 

Just a small bit more, at $5.27, you can drink a beer while seeing the Bengals play – all without the worry of breaking the bank.

In fact, at these prices, you can probably afford to enjoy more than a few!

NRG Stadium – Houston Texans 

They may not have the most imaginative name, but this team (from, you guessed it, Houston, Texas) certainly have some of the most imaginative – and good! – prices.

At just $6, a cool beer at the NRG stadium is well-below most league prices. However, it is slightly more than it used to be, having jumped from $5.25. 

State Farm Stadium – Arizona Cardinals

Though they also suffered a small increase, originally costing $6, a beer at the home of the Cardinals is still mighty cheap – just $6.50.

With a price like that, it’s unlikely to leave you as red in the face as the team’s bird-based mascot.

M&T Bank Stadium – Baltimore Ravens 

M&T Bank Stadium - Baltimore Ravens 

If you’re catching a game up in Maryland, a beer is likely to cost you the same as State Farm, a nice and small $6.50.

This is, however, a sizable increase from previous years. That said – it’s still cheaper than most!

FirstEnergy Stadium – Cleveland Browns 

Matching the previous two, a beer at a Browns game will cost an equally small $6.50. This means you can focus on the game at hand, rather than focus on your wallet. 

Empower Field At Mile High – Denver Broncos 

If you’re in Denver and looking to watch the game, but enjoy a cold refreshment on the side, don’t fear – Empower Field has your back.

Though more expensive than some others, their beer is still a relatively small $7.50, a price that will leave you happy and bucking like a (Denver) bronco. 

Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis Colts

After just a small upping of the price, a beer at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis will set you back $8.

While it’s the highest so far, it still remains less than the traditional price, so surely there are some savings there.

Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City Chiefs 

Just a bit more expensive, a beer is $8.50 if you’re going to see the Chiefs play at their home stadium. 

Allegiant Stadium – Las Vegas Raiders 

Prices start to get higher when you’re in Las Vegas, which is perhaps to be expected in a city famous for gambling.

A beer will cost you $9 if you settle down for a game at the Allegiant Stadium. 

Heinz Field – Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers hardly offer a steal, charging an odd $9.29 for a cold beer at their home games. It’s a price that leaves the Heinz Field stadium as one of the higher-end charges in the league.

Lambeau Field – Green Bay Packers

Even higher is the $9.50 beer available at Packers home games, a rise of a half dollar from previous prices. 

Gillette Stadium – New England Patriotic 

If you’re in Massachusetts to catch a game at the Gillette Stadium, it can cost you $10.50 for one of their beers. This certainly puts it as one of the most expensive available.

SoFi Stadium – Los Angeles Chargers And The Los Angeles Rams

Though the tickets themselves may be cheap, the beer is not. A single drink will set you back $11 if you’re seeing a play at the SoFi Stadium, whichever of its two home teams you’re supporting. 

Mercedes-Benz Superdome – New Orleans Saints

This Louisiana stadium charges some of the highest beer prices out there, asking for $11.50 per drink. 


So there it is, if you’re heading out to watch an NFL game and you’re hoping to pick up a beer or two while you’re there, you now have an advanced idea of what it’s going to cost you. 

There’s a great range in pricing, from the modest $5 beer at some, to over double that ($11.25) at others. There are lots in between, and many fall below the league average too.

But you can now be prepared if you find yourself itching for a cold one while watching the American football. Enjoy the game, and enjoy the suds!

Andrew Carr