Gifts For Beer Drinkers Under $25

Beer drinkers make great friends and even better party hosts! You can always rely on a true beer lover to supply your friends and family with a cool, refreshing crate of beers for every social event, so it only seems fair that we return the favor every once in a while.

If you’re on a budget but looking for a gift for a beer drinker, you’ve come to the right place. 

We want to make sure you get the perfect gift for your beer-drinking friend or family member without breaking the bank. There are plenty of fun, interesting, and quirky options to choose from, all varying in price. 

To help you find the best, affordable gift, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the best beer drinkers' gifts for under $25.

If you want to learn more and surprise your beer drinker with the best gift, make sure you stick around.

Best Gifts For Beer Drinkers Under $25


Do you have a friend that can’t go anywhere without a can of beer in their hand? If so, you should treat them to the 30 Watt Shower Drink Holder. This booze-related gift is the perfect quirky gift for that friend that would drink their beer while showering if they could. 

The beer holder grips shiny surfaces making it possible for your beer-loving friend to drink as they wash. Seen more as a quirky, funny gift, beer drinkers are bound to enjoy this gift. If they love beer that much, they’ll also get plenty of use out of it.


Every beer drinker needs a good bottle opener so why not treat the beer drinker in your life to a high-quality, personalized one. 

Made from solid walnut, this mounted bottle opener looks fantastic. It features an opener at the top and a smallholder underneath. As the drinker opens the bottle, the holder will catch the bottle cap, saving the drinker from having to even bend down and pick up the cap.

You can personalize this gift by letting the manufacturer know the receiver's name. The 

The manufacturer will then print the receiver initially on the opener.


A fun gift for any beer drinker is a make-your-own beer kit. This Craft A Brew kit provides the beer drinker with everything they need to make a lovely, smooth wheat beer that has a citrusy almost banana-like taste.

This unique recipe kit gives the recipient a chance to learn how the beer process works while giving them a great opportunity to have a drink. Each kit comes with a fermenter, Tettnang hops, wheat dry malt extract, and a grain steeping bag

The beauty of this gift is that the beer drinker might share the results with you.


The beers bucket list scratch poster sets beer drinkers a tough challenge to complete. Having said that, it might not actually be that hard for some people to finish.

This scratch poster has over 100 different beer recommendations, featuring international beers from the likes of Cambodia, Australia, and even Kenya.

The purpose of the poster is to scratch off the beer once you’ve tried it. Under each beer on the poster, you’ll find a unique picture that makes the overall poster look pretty cool. A great decorative gift, this is something any beer drinker will enjoy tackling.


The Yeti Rambler is an insulating device that fits around a beer can to keep the drink cold. Unlike flimsy koozies, the Yeti Rambler is capable of keeping a beer cold for hours. 

Whether you want to drink a 12 or 16-ounce can of beer, the insulator will fit like a glove, ensuring the beer stays firmly in place and doesn’t fall out.

A fun, yet practical gift, the Yeti Rambler is made of durable stainless steel that can go through the dishwasher and tackle long-term usage. It will resist rust and any accidental drops on the floor.


A big beer drinker is going to need something to put their beer down on, so why not treat them to some classic vintage paper beer coasters.

While they may not be a long term option, this pack of 6 traditional beer coasters is a fantastic quirky gift that any beer lover will enjoy using. 

Suitable for most glasses, these coasters are made from a durable and extremely absorbent fabric that can actually be washed too. We’ve used this coaster before and found that even after repeated uses and washes, the color doesn’t fade very much. 


Any beer drinker who has their own home bar or outside space will really appreciate these awesome beer patent wall art prints. Coming in a set of 6, these art prints depict the original drawings used to patent the beer-making process. 

Each print shows another part of the process, showing the different tools and things that happen as beer is made. Not only do these prints show a lot, but they also look great. They will add a wonderful touch to any home bar so why not check them out.


If you’re looking for a very affordable gift or stocking filler for a big beer drinker, you should take a look at the Hot Sox novelty beer socks.

There isn’t too much to say about these socks other than that they have an eye-catching beer design, featuring glasses of beer all over them. Made from cotton, polyester, spandex, and nylon, the socks come in a variety of different colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find the pair that suits the person you're gifting them with.

It is also worth noting that these socks are washer machine friendly.


Lovers of all things beer and all things Marvel will absolutely love these two beer opener keychains. 

Every beer drinker needs a portable bottle opener for those times they want to open a bottle , and they're not at home. If they love Marvel too then even better.

These two bottle opener keychains are designed like Thor’s Mjolnir Hammer and the Infinity Gauntlet worn by Thanos.

In terms of performance, they have been very well crafted out of strong alloy zinc that will last a lifetime, opening thousands of bottles in the process.


The final gift on our list of gifts perfect for beer drinkers for under $25 is a brilliant drinking game.

This drinking game is designed to make every party all the more fun, pitting friends and family against each other in a contest to see who can compete the most and “screw” other players over more.

If you’re fed up with playing the same old drinking games, make sure you take a look at this one as it offers the perfect alternative to more traditional drinking games like Kings.

Gifts For Beer Drinkers Under $25

Final Thoughts

There you have it, that concludes our list of gifts for beer drinkers under $25. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a beer-drinking family member or friend, or simply want something unique, quirky, and fun for yourself, there is something for everyone on our list.

Now you have this list at your fingertips, why not take some time to see which gift you most want to buy. Good luck!

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