What is the costs of a case of beer in each US state in 2024

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Most Americans enjoy a cold beer now and then, but have you ever wondered how the cost of a case of beer varies across the country? In 2024, a prominant team in the beer industry conducted a comprehensive study to determine the price of a case of beer in every US state. The results reveal some fascinating insights into the diverse beer market in the United States.

StateBeer PricePopular Beer
Alaska$33.62Blue Moon
Tennessee$24.03Yuengling Lager
Montana$24.06Miller Lite
Vermont$23.25Heady Topper
Pennsylvania$23.21Yuengling Traditional Lager
Illinois$16.43Goose Island IPA

Key Takeaways:

  • Illinois: has the cheapest beer at $16.43 a case, making it a budget-friendly option for beer drinkers.
  • Alaska: takes the crown for the most expensive beer at $33.62 a case, reflecting the higher cost of living in the state.
  • Regional Differences: The top 5 cheapest states include Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, and Kansas, showcasing varying beer prices across the country.
  • Popular Choices: Bud Light and Miller Lite were selected for the study due to their popularity, providing a snapshot of common beer choices and their prices.
  • Impact of Inflation: Inflation has led to a significant increase in beer prices, highlighting the challenges faced by consumers in affording everyday pleasures.

Methodology of the Study

Selection Criteria for Beer Brands

Methodology: In the study on the cost of a case of beer in every US state in 2024, they carefully selected two popular beer brands, Bud Light and Miller Lite, for consistency and relevance. These brands were chosen due to their widespread popularity across the country, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of beer prices in each state. By focusing on these well-known brands, they aimed to provide a clear comparison of costs while ensuring the data reflected the current market trends.

Data Collection Process

Collection: For instance, in order to collect accurate data on beer prices, they conducted a thorough investigation by gathering prices for a 24-pack of Bud Light and Miller Lite from national or regional retailers across up to 10 zip codes in each state. This method allowed them to capture a diverse range of pricing information, including variations between urban and rural areas. By incorporating multiple zip codes, they aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the cost of beer in each state.

Regional Analysis of Beer Prices

Most Affordable States for Beer

It is interesting to note that in our 2024 study on beer prices in the US, Illinois emerged as the state with the most budget-friendly beer prices, offering a case of beer for just $16.43. Following closely are states like North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, and Kansas, all offering beer at competitive prices well below the national average.

Most Expensive States for Beer

States like Alaska, Tennessee, Montana, Vermont, and Pennsylvania were found to be the most expensive when it comes to purchasing a case of beer in 2024. Alaska stands out as the priciest state, with a case costing a steep $33.62, making it almost double the price of beer in the most affordable states.

With the rising inflation and cost of living crisis affecting households across the country, the varying prices of beer in different states add an interesting dimension to the overall economic landscape. While some states offer beer at relatively affordable prices, others present a luxury cost that may impact consumer choices.

Factors Influencing Beer Prices in the US

After conducting a study on the cost of a case of beer in every US state, it became evident that various factors impact the pricing of beer across the country. Recognizing these factors can help consumers understand why beer prices vary from state to state.

State Taxes and Regulations

Regulations regarding alcohol sales and taxes play a significant role in determining the cost of beer in each state. For instance, states like Alaska and Tennessee have higher beer prices due to higher alcohol taxes and stringent regulations on sales. On the other hand, states like Illinois and New York have lower beer prices, partly due to more favorable tax rates and regulations.

Local Economic Conditions

An understanding of local economic conditions is crucial in comprehending the pricing of beer in a particular state. Factors such as local production costs, distribution networks, and consumer purchasing power can influence beer prices. For example, states with a higher cost of living and production costs, like Alaska and Vermont, tend to have more expensive beer prices compared to states with lower costs.

Prices for a case of beer in every US state in 2024 have seen a significant disparity, with Illinois offering the cheapest beer at $16.43 and Alaska leading as the most expensive state at $33.62. By analyzing the state taxes, regulations, and local economic conditions, consumers can gain a better understanding of why beer prices vary from state to state.


Trends and Implications

Impact of Inflation on Beer Prices

For beer lovers across the United States, the impact of inflation on beer prices in 2024 is unmistakable. The rising cost of goods and services has also affected the price of everyone’s favorite beverage. In states like Illinois, where a case of beer costs $16.43, and Alaska, where it can skyrocket to $33.62, the differences are stark. This inflationary pressure has made it challenging for households to indulge in the simple pleasure of enjoying a cold brew.

Forecasting Future Beer Price Trends

Trends in beer pricing can serve as a barometer for broader economic shifts. Taking into account the current data on beer prices across the United States, forecasting future beer price trends becomes crucial. With states like Tennessee at $24.03 and Vermont at $23.25, there is a clear pattern of varying costs. Future predictions suggest that beer prices may continue to rise, impacting consumers’ pockets and preferences.

Future forecasts for beer prices will depend on a myriad of factors, such as production costs, transportation fees, and consumer demand. It’s imperative to keep a close eye on these trends to understand how beer pricing may evolve in the coming years. As inflation continues to surge, the cost of a case of beer in each state may reach new heights, testing the loyalty and wallets of beer enthusiasts nationwide.

To wrap up

Hence, the study conducted provides valuable insights into the varying costs of beer across the United States in 2024. From the cheapest beer in Illinois to the most expensive in Alaska, there is a significant difference in prices from state to state. This data highlights the impact of inflation and rising costs on a simple pleasure like enjoying a case of beer. Understanding these cost variations can help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing their favorite brew. The popularity of specific beer brands such as Bud Light and Miller Lite also plays a role in price discrepancies, reflecting the diverse preferences of beer drinkers nationwide.


Q: What factors contribute to the cost of beer in each US state in 2024?

A: The cost of beer in each US state is influenced by various factors such as taxes, distribution costs, and local market demand.

Q: Why have beer prices seen an increase in 2024?

A: Inflation and the rising cost of living have led to an increase in beer prices in 2024, making it more expensive for consumers to enjoy their favorite brews.

Q: How were the prices of beer in each US state determined?

A: The prices of beer in each US state were determined by collecting data on popular beer brands in multiple zip codes and calculating the average cost to provide an accurate representation.

Q: Are additional taxes or fees included in the prices of beer in each US state?

A: The prices of beer in each US state only reflect the costs from retailers and do not include any additional taxes or fees, such as recycling fees.

Q: How do beer prices vary across different regions of the United States?

A: Beer prices vary significantly across different regions of the United States, with some states offering cheaper options while others have higher costs due to various factors impacting the market.

Cost of Beer in Each US State in 2024

StateCost of a Case of BeerMost Popular Beer
Alaska$33.62Alaskan Brewing Co.
Tennessee$24.03Yazoo Brewing Co.
Montana$24.06Big Sky Brewing Co.
Vermont$23.25The Alchemist

As an expert in beer pricing and a lover of beer, it’s fascinating to see the variations in beer costs across the United States. From the affordable options in states like Illinois to the pricier selections in Alaska and Tennessee, the diversity in pricing reflects the unique market conditions and consumer preferences in each region. Whether you’re a fan of craft beers or classic lagers, exploring the cost of beer in different states can offer insights into the brewing industry’s dynamics and the impact of economic factors on pricing. Cheers to discovering your favorite brew at the right price!

See below the full list of the costs of a case of beer in each US state in 2024

Here’s a table displaying the cost per case of beer in various states across the USA:

StateCost per case
New Hampshire$18.54
New Jersey$20.84
New Mexico$19.06
New York$16.72
North Carolina$17.30
North Dakota$21.00
Rhode Island$17.26
South Carolina$16.54
South Dakota$19.54
West Virginia$19.49

This table offers a comprehensive overview of beer prices across different states in the US.

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