What Is Draft Beer?

Draft beer was introduced in the early 20th century. In the 1950s, the popularity of draft beer grew rapidly. Today, draft beer accounts for over half of all beer sold in the United States.

What Is Draft Beer?

So, what exactly is draft beer, how is it made, and the all-important question: does it taste good? 

What Is Draft Beer: Explained

Draft beer is a type of beer brewed without carbonation. The beer is then poured into a glass or bottle, where it is left to ferment naturally.

This process allows the beer to develop its flavor and aroma.

Draft beers are usually served at room temperature and tend to be lighter-bodied and less bitter than other types of beer.

Draft beers are typically served cold because they don’t contain any preservatives.

Most breweries prefer to serve their beer at room temperature because it makes them easier to drink.

However, some craft brewers have begun brewing with ingredients that allow them to brew their beer at colder temperatures.

The History Of Draft Beer

The first commercial brewery to use this method was Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco. It began selling draft beer in 1876.

In the late 1800s, many people believed that drinking draft beer would lead to alcoholism, as a result, most cities banned the sale of draft beer.

However, by the 1920s, the popularity of draft beer had grown so much that there were more breweries producing draft beer than bottled beer.

Today, draft beer accounts for about 50% of all beer sold in America and has become an integral part of American culture.

How Does Draft Beer Taste Different From Bottled Beer?

Bottles and cans are not as convenient as kegs. You can’t pour your favorite beer directly from the tap, but you can get your hands on draft beer anywhere.

And if you want to enjoy a few different varieties, you can simply switch out the tap.

Bottle and canned beer also have a lot more preservatives than draft beer. These preservatives help keep beer fresh longer.

Some people like these additives, while others find them off-putting.

Draft beer doesn’t need to be refrigerated either. This means you can bring it along when you go camping or hiking.

That said, if you plan on drinking a lot of draft beer in the warmer months, consider buying a cooler.

Draft Beer Vs. Canned Beer

Cans and bottles are great for storing beer, but they aren’t very practical for transporting.

When you buy a six-pack of bottled beer, you have to carry around a bunch of empty containers. A 6-pack of draft beer will fit in one large container.

Cans and bottles also take up a lot more space than draft beer. So if you live somewhere with limited storage space, you may decide to invest in a keg instead.

Kegs are much smaller than traditional beer barrels.

Draft Beer Vs. Draught Beer: The Difference 

Draft Beer Vs. Draught Beer

Draught beer is another name for draft beer. It comes from the French word “droit” which translates to right and refers to draught beer being served straight from the tap.

You can order draught beer at most bars and pubs. It’s often served chilled, so you won’t have to worry about warming it up before you drink it.

Draft Beer Vs. Craft Beer

If you’ve heard of draft beer, there’s also a good chance you’ve heard of craft beer. Craft beer is made using traditional methods.

It isn’t mass-produced. Instead, it’s handcrafted and designed specifically for a very niche customer set.

Craft beer is usually brewed with local ingredients. It might even come from a small family-owned farm. And since it’s handmade, every batch is unique.

Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular, and in 2016, Americans drank over $10 billion worth of craft beer, which is almost double what we spent on domestic beer!

Can Draft Beer Be Sold Canned? 

Yes and no. Many breweries do offer their draft creations in can form, but while they may taste fairly similar to the real deal from a cask or keg.

They’re not going to be anywhere near as fresh-tasting or flavorful.

So, if you want the best draft beer experience possible, head to your local, and order directly from the cask or keg.

How Much Does Draft Beer Cost?

The price of draft beer depends on where you live. For example, in some states, such as California, draft beer costs less per ounce than bottled beer.

In other places, such as New York City, draft beer is expensive because it must be imported.

In general, though, you should expect to pay between $3-$6 per 12 oz. bottle.

Draft beer is typically cheaper than canned beer. So if you prefer draft beer, you’ll save money by choosing this option.

Is Draft Beer Better Than Bottled Beer? 

Some people think that draft beer tastes better than bottled beer. There are many reasons why you might feel this way.

For example, draft beer isn’t filtered through a filter. Instead, it goes straight from the barrel to your mouth.

This gives it a cleaner taste than bottled beer. Another reason why draft beer may be better than bottled beer is that it contains fewer preservatives.

Draft And Bottled Beer: Which Needs More Quality Control? 

Many people believe that draft beer needs more quality control than bottled beer. This is because it doesn’t go through the same rigorous filtration process as bottled beer.

However, this isn’t true. Both bottled and draft beer undergo extensive testing. The difference lies in how much time they spend doing it.

Bottles of beer spend months or years being tested, while draft beer spends only days or weeks being tested.

So while bottles need more quality control, draft beer still gets the same amount of attention over a shorter period.

Final Thoughts 

There are pros and cons to both bottled and draft beer. If you want to enjoy the best tasting beer possible, we recommend choosing a good old draft beer!

But if you like having all your beer available in one place, bottled beer is probably the way to go.

Andrew Carr