Which Beer Has The Most Protein?

When you fancy a beer, you don’t choose your beer based on its nutritional value. You choose it because of taste, price, and maybe because of a cool-looking bottle or can.

Being a beer lover and gym fanatic don’t usually go hand in hand, but what if they do?

Which Beer Has The Most Protein?

Protein levels aren’t one of the first things that we look for when choosing a beer, but having high levels of protein in beer could tempt more gym-goers to relax with a cold beer.

But what beer has the most protein? Is beer a good source of protein? Where can I get a protein beer?

This article will inform you about what beer has the most protein and the different levels of protein in different beers. Find out more about whether or not beer is a good source of protein and how you can find protein beer on the market.

Barbell Brew: Does It Have High Protein Levels?

Beer is usually associated with being a very fattening and high-calorie alcoholic drink, but Barbell Brew created a beer that was lower in calories than normal and was high in protein.

This beer had the highest protein levels compared to other beers on the market, so it was perfect for targeting athletes who also enjoyed drinking beer.

Unfortunately, you can no longer get Barbell Brew beer as it is no longer available on the market. This may come as a disappointment to people who love both sports and beer, but are there other beers that contain high levels of protein?

Are There Other Protein Beers On The Market?

There is currently a beer on the market called National Pro. This beer offers 15 grams of protein in one pint and is a protein-fortified pale ale. The protein is natural, organic, and non-GMO.

This beer is revolutionary to athletes as alcohol prevents your body from synthesizing protein and building muscle, but this beer can increase your protein intake and still help you build muscle.

The beers are available in certain stores, which you can find on the map on their website, or you can order them online. You simply head to the website, fill out the order form, and have the beers delivered straight to your door!

Is Beer A Good Source Of Protein?

Beer is not usually high on the list of being a good protein source for athletes and sportspeople as it isn’t a very nutritional drink.

Certain beers contain some protein, but the amount is usually less than one gram. This means that beer is not usually a good protein source and does not provide you with good protein levels.

The reason that beer isn’t high in protein is due to the ingredients that it is made from. Beer is usually made from grain which isn’t high in protein, so beer is not naturally a high-protein drink.

Most beer recipes include these low-protein ingredients unless they have been fortified to give high levels of protein.

Which Beers Have Higher Protein Levels?

Beers like Tripels, Quads, Imperials, and Dubbels have slightly higher protein levels compared to other beers as they are denser than other beers.

This is because Imperial uses twice the amount of grain than other beers, so there are usually slightly higher protein levels inside these beers compared to other brands.

If beer is denser than other beer brands, this usually means that it has a higher alcohol content. The higher the alcohol content, the more calories in the beer.

This means that athletes would have to be careful consuming these denser beers as although they have slightly higher levels of protein than other beers, they do have higher calorie levels.

How Does Beer Get Protein?

Although the grain that is used to make beer isn’t high in protein, the yeast that is used in the fermentation process gives the beer higher protein levels. However, the yeast that is used isn’t included in the final beer product as it is taken out of the beer before it is bottled up.

Which Beer Has The Most Protein?

Although most of the protein is taken out of the beer at the end of the fermentation process, there can be traces left in the beer that provide you with low levels of protein in most beers.

The low amount of protein that is found in beers is often due to some traces of yeast being left in the beer before it is bottled.

Is Beer High In Calories Due To The Alcohol Levels?

When you are drinking beer, it is hard to ignore the fact that it is often associated with being very high in calories.

With every gram of alcohol in beer, 7 calories are included in that one gram. Therefore, the more alcohol that is contained in beer, the more calories that there are in the bottle.

The amount of calories in beer is the main reason that athletes get put off as beer is known to be a very fattening drink and there are lower-calorie options with spirits that are more suitable.

Is there More Or Less Protein In Lager Or Ale?

The processes of making lager and ale are very similar as they contain a lot of the same ingredients, but do they both have the same levels of protein? During the process of making lager, less malt is used, meaning that it tends to be lower in protein compared to ale.

This means that ale contains a bit more protein compared to lager due to the malt that is used.

Although ale isn’t a very high-protein beer, it does have higher protein levels compared to other beers, so it is an option if you are looking for a slightly higher-protein alcoholic drink.

Is There More Or Less Protein In IPAs Or Lagers?

If we look at the nutritional value of Budweiser Original, you will see that it doesn’t contain a lot of protein as it only contains 1.3g of protein in each bottle.

This is a very low protein content, and the protein content in an IPA such as Sam Adams New England IPA isn’t much different.

The protein content in the IPA is 2g, so there isn’t much of a difference between the two. However, there are more calories in this IPA at 210 compared to the 145 calories of the Budweiser Original.

This means that you would have to decide between the protein and calorie levels in the beers as there isn’t much between them.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, beer is not usually associated with being a high-protein drink as it doesn’t have a lot of nutritional value.

The grains that are used to make beer do not contain high levels of protein and the yeast that provides us with protein is taken out of the beer before it is bottled.

You can find protein beers like National Pro online if you are particularly interested in a beer specifically designed for high protein levels, but there are other beers that you can find in bars that offer you more protein than others.

Ale has slightly higher protein levels compared to other lagers, so this is also a good option if you want a beer that is higher in protein than other styles.

Andrew Carr