Best Beer Prices At MLB Stadiums

Hugely popular across America, Major League Baseball has millions of fans watching at home or live in the stadiums every year.

Best Beer Prices At MLB Stadiums

Part of enjoying the game centers around enjoying a refreshing beer with friends. This is especially the case when watching the game live at the stadium.

However, with beer prices dramatically on the rise at most stadiums, some fans are put off by the thought of spending too much money.

Game tickets and snack costs can already be high enough, so fans don’t want to spend too much more on a beer. 

To avoid running your wallet dry on game day, it’s nice to know exactly how much you’ll pay for a beer in advance. 

That’s why we’ve put together this post. We’ve done the research and discovered how much you will pay for a beer in each MLB stadium, showing you exactly what to expect on game day.

If you want to know how much your next game-day beer will cost, be sure to check out our list!

The Cheapest Major League Baseball Parks To Buy A Beer

Colorado Rockies – Coors Field

Unless you’re a Colorado Rockies fan, you’ll be very surprised to hear that you can buy a cool, refreshing beer at Coors Field for just $3. An absolute bargain, one of the best beers on sale is the Citrus Mistress IPA.

Arizona Diamondbacks – Chase Field

Chase Field is another stadium where beers are offered to spectators at an incredibly fair price. Arizona Diamondbacks fans are blessed with fresh beers that cost just $4. At those sorts of prices, it’s no surprise the atmosphere can be so entertaining at Chase Field.

Atlanta Braves – Truist Park

A beer at Truist Park, home to the Atlanta Braves will only cost you $5. If you’re visiting Truist Park on a hot day, there are fewer beers better than a cool pint of Luau Krunkles from Athens-based Terrapin Beer Co.

Detroit Tigers – Comerica Park

Detroit Tigers fans are treated to exactly the same beer prices as the fans of the Atlanta Braves. Fans taking in a Major League Baseball fixture at Comerica Park can also expect to spend $5. 

Los Angeles Angels – Angel Stadium of Anaheim 

Halo fans at Angel Stadium have a love for the Hazy IPA beer made by San Diego-based brewers Saint Archer. Like the beer at Comerica Park and Truist Park, spectators can expect to pay $5 per beer. 

Miami Marlins – LoanDepot Park

As you can probably already tell by now, the average price of a beer across Major League Baseball is $5. Things are no different when it comes to LoanDepot Park and the Miami Marlins. Despite being more expensive to reside and vacation in, the beer at Miami’s LoanDepot Park only costs $5, which is perfect for fans looking for a refreshing beverage on a super hot game day.

San Diego Padres – Petco Park

The famous Petco Park stadium offers fans a wonderful spectator experience. Offering affordable tickets, great seats, and relatively cheap snacks, the beer available at Petco Park is also a great price. While watching the San Diego Padres, you can expect to pay a decent $5 per beer.

Seattle Mariners – T-Mobile Park

T-Mobile Park is one of the most famous Major League Baseball stadiums around. Priding themselves on delivering a world-class sporting experience, the Seattle Mariners who play their MLB fixtures at T-Mobile Park ensure fans can enjoy the game with plenty of drinks and snacks. Also offering hot dogs at an affordable price, a beer here will only cost you $5.

New York Yankees – Yankee Stadium

So close to the big apple, you might expect beverages and snacks in Yankee Stadium to cost a lot more than the others we have already mentioned. However, refreshing beer while watching the New York Yankees at the Yankee Stadium will only cost you $6.

When compared to prices at other New York sport stadiums, this is an incredibly reasonable price.

Los Angeles Dodgers – Dodger Stadium

Just slightly more expensive than the beer at the Yankee Stadium is that at Dodger Stadium, home to the famous Los Angeles Dodgers. Visiting fans can expect to pay a relatively fair $6.75 per beer while watching Major League Baseball here. 

The Most Expensive Major League Baseball Parks To Buy A Beer

The Most Expensive Major League Baseball Parks To Buy A Beer

Boston Red Sox – Fenway Park

The first park on our list of Major League Baseball clubs that charge the most for a beer is the world famous Fenway Park where MLB giants Boston Red Sox play. Considering how successful and famous the Boston Red Sox have been in the past, they don’t actually charge a ridiculous amount of money for their beers when compared to other expensive stadiums. 

While the beers are still expensive at $8.50, there are still parks that sell beer for a lot more.

Washington Nationals – National Park

The next Major League Baseball stadium on our list that sells the most expensive beers is National Park. Home to the Washington Nationals, the cheapest beer Nationals fans can buy is $9.50. This is some jump in price from the Colorado Rockies who only charge $3.

Chicago Cubs – Wrigley Field

Home to the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field is actually the most expensive arena to watch Chicago sports in. When ticket prices, parking, snack costs, and beer prices are taken into consideration spectator experiences cost a lot more. 

Wrigley Field also has the fourth most expensive beer in the MLB. At $9.75, the beer sold at Wrigley Park isn’t only the fourth most expensive in the league, but also 25 cents more expensive than it was just two years ago.

Philadelphia Phillies – Citizens Bank Park

We are now getting into double figures which, in all honesty, seems absolutely ridiculous for the cost of a single beer. To put things into perspective, you can buy 3 beers at Coors Field and still have money left over for the price it costs for 1 beer at Citizens Bank Park. 

Philadelphia Phillies fans are expected to pay $10 for one beer during their Major League Baseball fixtures. 

Baltimore Orioles – Camden Yards

Camden Yards, home to the Baltimore Orioles also charges an awfully high price for a beer. Just like the beers at Citizens Bank Park, during Major League Baseball fixtures, fans have to pay $10 per beer. 

This price is already high, but when you factor in the costs of your ticket and snacks too, things start to get quite frankly ridiculous.

New York Mets – Citi Field

Finally, the prize for the most expensive beer in the whole of Major League Baseball goes to Citi Field and the New York Mets.

Unbelievably, the beer at New York Mets’ Citi Field stadium costs $11.75. 

An absolutely crazy figure for one beer, this is a crazy $8.75 more than one beer costs at Colorado Rockies’ Coors Field.

It could be argued that this price is so high because the team is based in New York, but when we look at the New York Yankees, the beer at Citi Field still costs $5.75 more.

Despite selling their beer for such a high price, the rest of the experience at Citi Field isn’t actually too bad.

In fact, the New York Mets actually offer an overall cheaper experience than a handful of other teams such as the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs

Final Thoughts

In this post, we have shown you the cheapest and most expensive MLB stadiums when it comes to buying a beer.

As you can see from our list, the price varies massively depending on the stadium you are visiting. 

Fans of the Colorado Rockies only have to pay $3 for a beer. At the other end of the scale, fans of the New York Mets have to spend an astonishing $11.75. 

The rising prices of beers, tickets, snacks, and parking at MLB fixtures is making it a lot harder for fans to enjoy the things they always have.

Having a refreshing beer and a snack with friends at each fixture is part of what makes the game so special, so it is a shame to see some MLB stadiums charge so much.

Bear the figures from this post in mind next time you’re planning on taking in a Major League Baseball fixture.

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