Father’s Day Gifts For A Dad Who Loves Beer

It’s that time of the year again when we celebrate the fathers and father figures in our lives! And what better way to celebrate than to get them something we all know they really want? This is, of course, beer. 

Whether dad enjoys a cold beer by the pool in the yard, has a can while watching the latest football game, or just after a stressful day in the office, there’s a gift out there that any beer-loving dad would enjoy. 

So, to make this Father’s Day easier for you, we have compiled a list of all the best gifts for a dad who loves beer. From beer accessories, glasses, and products - we’ve got you covered!

Best Gifts For A Dad Who Loves Beer


One thing that you can never have enough of is beer glasses! No matter how careful you are, a broken glass is an easy mistake to make.

So why not replace dad's favorite smashed glass - which you may or may not have broken - with this, fully customizable, pint glass! 

Nothing screams Father's Day more than customizable items, and this product lets you do just that with a classic laser engraved style.

Whether you want to go down the more sentimental route, funny route, or appreciative route - this product gives you full reign to write just about anything! 

With 16oz, this pint glass is sure to fit your dad’s favorite beer, and attached is a handle for easy stability.

So, if your dad likes to scream at the football players on the TV during the game, you can be assured this glass won’t be going anywhere. 


Does your dad love board games? Does he claim to know every beer under the sun? Then why not get him the ‘Unlabeled: Blind Beer Tasting Board Game’ where he can really put his taste buds to the test, and test his beer knowledge once and for all! 

Whether you are playing at the bar or even at home, it’s a great way to test the beer snob of the group! To play, each player needs to bring a couple of hidden beers to the party.

Then, each player gets to taste the ‘Unlabeled’ beer, and based on the characteristics on the board, choose which beer they think it is.

Need a way to humble dad? Then look no further - this is a fun and testing game that I’m sure even dad will get a laugh out of! 


Is your Dad constantly looking for his beer opener, or, god-forbid, does he use his teeth to open a beer bottle cap? If so, this wall-mounted beer opener might be just the thing you’re looking for!

Not only does it help with any unexpected dental costs, but it also stays in one place, so your Dad will never lose it! 

Whether your Dad is looking to upgrade his man cave, install a home bar, or just needs a permanent bottle opener in one place, this would be the perfect gift for him.

Included in the beer opener is an extra-strong magnet, so if your dad loves to DIY or just collect beer bottle caps, this is a great way to keep bottle caps from flying everywhere! 


Whatever your dad's age, all dads are basically just kids at heart. So, why not take him back to his childhood and buy him this novelty place drinking helmet? He won’t be able to resist it!

All you need to do is put two beers of dad's choice in the cup holders, attach the plastic straws, and off you go and drink away - it’s that simple even dad will know how to use it!

It’s a great hands-free option for drinking beer, perfect for the dads in charge of the barbeque, or to even make mowing the lawn that bit more enjoyable.


Nothing is worse than a warm beer on a hot summer's day. So, to save dad from this pain before it’s too late, you should get him these reusable beer chiller sticks for bottles!

This Father's Day, I think dad deserves to have a nice refreshing cold beer out in the sun! 

These beer chiller sticks come in a pack of two, so he may even lend you one! To set up, all you need to do is leave the sticks in the freezer for 45 minutes prior to drinking your beer.

And when you’re ready for a cold beer, just put it in the bottle and drink right away - keeping your beer colder for longer! Great for family picnics, trips to the beach, and lounging out in the sun all day.


And finally, to go out with a bang, why not buy your dad his very own beer-making kit this Father’s Day. Instead of drinking the beer, dad can now have a go at making the beer himself! 

This kit is completely beginner-friendly - containing everything you need to make a delicious beer, giving dad all the fun, independence, and experience which comes from brewing your own beer! 

So, this Father’s Day, turn dad from a beer lover into a beer brewer with a new hobby that he’s sure to love! Included in the set is high-quality equipment to make even dad look professional!

Making 1 gallon of beer - dad won’t be running out of beer any time soon!

Father's Day Gifts For A Dad Who Loves Beer

In Summary

There we have it, above we have listed every possible thing a beer-loving dad could want this Father’s Day. From beer bottle openers, beer hats, to his very own beer-making kit - there is sure to be something that any picky beer lover would like! 

So, show dad you really do care this Father’s Day, these gifts will positively make Father's Day that extra special and bring a smile to his face. 

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