What Kind Of Beer Are They Drinking On “Yellowstone”?

The TV show Yellowstone has succeeded for 4 seasons, gaining popularity with its millions of fans for its interesting story about a family of ranchers.

The show stars Kevin Costner, but arguably one of the other main stars is the alcohol that’s often being drunk on screen.

What Kind Of Beer Are They Drinking On “Yellowstone”?

It can be difficult to make out exactly what beer and bourbon is being consumed, though, if you wanted to go and buy some yourself.

Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers for you! If you want to drink like your favorite characters do, whether you’re modeling yourself on Rip Wheeler or John Dutton, then we’ve got the names and products listed for you below.

What Beer Brand Are They Drinking On Yellowstone?

The ranchers of the TV series Yellowstone are repeatedly knocking back a few cold ones while they deal with the various challenges that come from running their business.

But just what brand do your favorite characters tend to drink?

Well, every beer on the show is from the Coors brand, brought to you by the MillerCoors company.

Coors Banquet is possibly the most popular type of the beverage that’s being consumed, especially a favorite of lead character Rip Wheeler.

When things get tough, he can often be seen clutching a golden Coors Banquet, whether it’s from a can or from a bottle.

Besides it being the reliable choice of the characters, there is also a great deal of advertising for the brand that can be seen all over the town.

Various signs and businesses on screen are seen to promote Coors Banquet, as well as other beers from the larger MillerCoors company.

Their presence is so large that it is quite possible that the brand have paid to have their beer promoted. However, this has not been proven.

What Beer Is Known As A Yellow Jacket And Why?

What may have confused many fans looking to work out the beer brand on their favorite show, is the name that the characters often give to the booze – “yellow jackets”. But why do they call it that?

It’s neither a reference to the wasp of the same name, nor the recent TV show that goes by the title, rather a nickname that links to the label.

Coors Originals have a golden label on their bottles and cans, which fans of the drink have taken to nickname “yellow jackets”.

What Kind Of Bourbon Are They Drinking On Yellowstone?

When it comes to whiskey on the show, things aren’t as clear.

Unlike the heavy presence of the Coors name and logo all over the show, the use of bourbon and other types of whiskey has no such brand attached to it.

What Kind Of Beer Are They Drinking On “Yellowstone”?

Many of the bottles have fake labels, or obscure the names. These are called prop bottles, fake pieces made just for the set.

The reason for doing this is to avoid using any named brands.

Though some brands may pay to have their alcohol advertised, it’s harder to have things the other way around – the makers of the show don’t always want to go through the hassle of getting permission to feature some branded whiskey.

What Alcohol Do The Characters Of Yellowstone Prefer?

Each of the main characters in the series tends to favor a certain type of alcoholic beverage, a range of cool drinks to get them through the events of each episode.

Rip Wheeler – Played By Cole Hauser

The main character Rip is a Coors man, often reaching for a can or bottle of Coors Banquet.

This is unsurprising, since it’s so heavily featured in the show. Sometimes Rip will even reach for a six pack of the golden brew!

John Dutton – Played By Kevin Costner

The other main character, played by huge film star Kevin Costner, is more of a whiskey guy himself. When things get tough, he tends to reach for a glass of the heavier stuff.

Most of the drinks have their labels obscured or faked, but real brands occasionally break out, like Bulleit Bourbon and its golden embossed bottle.

Beth Dutton – Played By Kelly Reilly

Like father, like daughter! Beth is the daughter of John, and mostly shares his drink preferences. Usually, she will grab a bottle of prop whiskey, pouring out a strong drink.

However, she doesn’t only follow in her father’s footsteps – she also has a beer every now and then. Even weirder, it usually isn’t Coors!

Sometimes she can be seen nursing a bottle of Budweiser.

A History Of Coors Banquet

Given that it’s the most popular drink in the show, you might be wondering how it got to be so beloved.

When the company was founded way back in 1873, Coors was nicknamed “Banquet Beer” by hard working miners who would drink it in banquet halls.

When the Depression hit in the 1920s, Coors made the nickname official, raising spirits and being in touch with their biggest fans.

Amazingly, despite the popularity, Coors was only available in 11 US states before 1976.

This was for scientific brewing reasons, because the drink had to be kept cold and so couldn’t be transported long distances.

With some advances in filtering and refrigerated trucks, it wouldn’t be until 1991 when it would finally have reached all 50 American states.


So there you have it, all you Yellowstone fans can now act like your favorite characters by drinking their preferred beer or bourbon!

In the case of Coors particularly, now that you’ve learned of its long and popular history, you can understand why it is so heavily present on the screen.

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